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International Story a Day Group

Titles to stories in one day

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Welcome to the International Story a Day Group! Membership is open; anyone can join. The idea is simple: every day, a new title for a story will be posted. You then have one day to write a story for that title and post it.

December is the official International Story a Day Group month, and you are encouraged to write every day during that month (since December is normally such a slow period of the year), but titles will be posted every day there is someone awake enough to post them so that you can continue writing whenever you like.

The last day of each month is catch-up day. During that day, you can post stories for any titles you missed for whatever reason but still want to do, or that were missed out because you had more than one idea for a title and didn't write them all, or anything else that might fall under this category. A title will still be posted on catch-up day, like every other.

  • One post will be made per day with a title. You have one day from then to post a story based around that title.
  • Your story must be posted as either:
    • A comment to the title post.
    • Several comments to the title post, if your story is longer than 4300 characters. Please make all the parts of your story comments to the first part, so it threads nicely.
    • Somewhere on the internet in a place of your choosing; in this case, leave a link to the story as a comment to the title post.

  • You have 24 hours; because not everyone lives in a sensible time zone, it means the effective deadline is 48 hours from when the title is first posted.
  • When it is needed, there will be posts asking for title ideas. A community moderator will post these.
  • Posting is not locked; anyone who is a member can post to the community, so long as it is relevant. This rule will be changed if it is abused, so please keep on topic.

Originally inspired by a thread on the NaNoWriMo forums in 2005; since NaNoWriMo does not keep an archive of its forums older than a year, this thread no longer exists.